Grand Nails & Spa




    ADD GEL +$20
    This classic treatment includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, heel scrub, moisturizing massage, and hot towel wrap, and a polish color of your choice.


    ADD GEL +$20
    We then proceed with a specialized callus removal treatment, targeting your heels to eliminate all dead skin cells. Next, a leg massage using a sugar scrub gently exfoliates your dry skin, leaving it feeling renewed. Finally, we apply a nourishing Gel moisture with a mud mask to soften your skin and release any accumulated tension.


    We begin your pampering experience with a soothing Jelly Bath massage, incorporating a blend of Coarse Sea Salt, Complex Minerals, and Active Vitamin C. This invigorating treatment will leave your feet and skin feeling revitalized. Following the pedicure, we provide a premium sugar scrub to gently exfoliate the skin, targeting rough areas and calluses for a smoother texture. Next, we apply a hydrating mud mask to deeply cleanse your skin. To nourish your skin with natural oils that promote deep restoration and effortless absorption, we conclude the pedicure with a relaxing cream massage.


    ADD GEL +$20
    Our delighting pedicure is designed to exfoliate all skin types, deeply moisturize, and stimulate collagen production. This, in turn, reduces wrinkles, leaving your skin looking younger and more radiant. Our Detox Volcano Crystals and Activator work in perfect harmony, creating a refreshing experience accompanied by an exciting effervescent explosion! To complete the pedicure, we apply a gentle sugar scrub, followed by a Collagen Cream Mask and an organic collagen massage cream, providing purification and hydration to your skin. To enhance the experience further, this package also includes Collagen Socks.


    ADD GEL +$20
    Diamond Nails - Beautify your feet as wonderful as Diamonds. The perfect blend of quality and efficiency to beautify your feet awaits! Why should you choose our Diamond Pedicure?
    Diamond quality: Enjoy top-notch performance with our high-quality products crafted using leading materials and technology, ensuring an unparalleled level of excellence.
    Comprehensive care: Our Diamond Pedicure offers five optimal features that include exfoliation, massage, and essential nutrients. It's a holistic approach to foot care, providing comprehensive pampering for your precious feet.
    Visible results: With our Diamond Pedicure, you'll notice the difference immediately. Your skin will appear amazing, and incredibly soft, and your muscles will feel completely relaxed.
    This package also includes collagen socks and hot stones, further enhancing your indulgent experience.


    ADD GEL +$20
    Feeling stressed? Take a moment to unwind, recline, and experience ultimate pampering from within. Our rejuvenating treatment goes beyond the surface, providing deep hydration, firming, and moisturization for your skin, leaving it irresistibly smooth and radiant. Enriched with the power of 24K oil, this indulgent therapy works wonders in restoring your skin's natural elasticity and combating wrinkles. Immerse yourself in a wealth of minerals and antioxidants found in this treatment, which not only helps rebalance and detoxify your body but also aids in stress reduction and inflammation relief. As part of the product set, you'll enjoy the added benefits of Collagen Socks and the soothing warmth of Hot Stones, further enhancing your luxurious experience.



    Our basic manicure encompasses a range of professional services, including gentle polish removal, nail shaping and trimming, cuticle care, buffing, a soothing hand massage, and the flawless application of polish.


    Our deluxe manicure offers a complete pampering experience, featuring thorough polish removal, nail shaping and trimming, cuticle care, expert buffing, a relaxing hand massage, collagen hand wax treatment, nourishing nail strengthener, and the flawless application of polish.

Gel Soak-Off

(Flawless colors that last up to 2+ weeks)

  • Regular Gel $45
  • Gel French $55
  • Gel Color Change $35
  • Gel Color Change with French $45
  • Gel Removal $7

Dipping Powder

  • Dip Color $52
  • Dip With French $62
  • Dip With Manicure $62
  • Tip Extension (Extra) $10
  • Ombre Color (Extra) $15

Artificial Nails

  • With Gel Polish Full set: $57
    Fill-in: $47
  • Pink & White / Ombre Color Full set: $70
    Fill-in: $65
  • Full Liquid Gel Set Full set: $70
    Fill-in: $65
  • Gel-X Full set: $70

Kids Services

(For children who are under 10 years old)

  • Kids Regular Manicure / Pedicure $45
  • Kids Gel Manicure / Pedicure $55
  • Polish Change on Hands / Feet $35
  • Gel Polish Change on Hands / Feet $45
  • Design $7

WaXing Services

  • Eyebrows $20
  • Upper Lip $15
  • Chin $15
  • Full Face $55
  • Sideburns $25
  • Underarms $35
  • Half Arms $45
  • Full Arms $60
  • Half Legs $50
  • Full Legs $70
  • Full Legs With Bikini $100+
  • Bikini $60+
  • Brazilian $70+
  • Chest $65+
  • Back $70+

Eyelash Extensions

  • Full Volume Set $190
  • Fill Volume (3 Weeks) $100
  • Removal $40

Additional Services

  • Gel Color $20
  • Shiny Buff $10
  • French Polish $10
  • Chrome Color $15
  • Nail Fix $5+
  • Nail Design $10+
  • Nail Cutting $15
  • Nail Removal $15
  • Polish Change On Hands $20
  • Polish Change On Feet $25
  • Callus Removal $10
  • Sugar Or Sea Salt $10
  • Shape $7
  • Cut Down And Re-Shape $7
  • Nail Take-Off With Service $7


Wine will be served for free for the first glass, and there will be a charge for the second glass

  • White Wine Glass $7
  • Wine Bottle $25
  • Beer Bottle $5

    (Please note that you must be 21+ to drink alcohol)

* Grand Nails And Spa Policy *

We have a no-refund policy for all salon services. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, please let us know at the time of your service or no later than 48 hours after. If we choose to provide a complimentary corrective service appointment, we will schedule it for the first available time within five days of your initial appointment.